SK Open Innovations 2018: Sources of Digital Breakthrough

IRS Group as a partner of Art & Science Residency in collaboration with French creative bureau Artistik Bazaar and Media Art Group Mediamead has launched the first International Residence of Artists and Scientists in Russia. Media art projects of the famous Russian artist Natalia Alfutova, devoted to the research of Digital Immortality, were presented at the Open Innovations exhibition. Among the presented art projects was the Trickster, which served as a virtual platform with digital clones of the Open Innovations' visitors. Those clones (Tricksters) were created by a multicopter 3D-scanning technology and after that, AI generated a virtual copy based on information in social network services and web space. Along with that, the evolution of Tricksters is still underway through  artificial neural networks. The VR technology made it possible to interact with one's Trickster, and later, in line with the artist’s project, - the contact will be kept using usual human means – speech and emotions.

Today, the collaboration between artists and scientists is the forefront for innovations, analysis and problem solving - especially in medicine, IT and biotechnologies. In its turn, the synergy of IRS Group and Art & Science Residency as well as the partnership between artists and scientists is a unique opportunity to gain experience in multidisciplinary developments and research, including those in the field of health technology assessment and economics.