Economics of Innovation in Oncology

for SKOLKOVO Healthcare Development Centre

The aim of the project was to quality assess the necessity of implementating new and effective technologies into cancer treatment guidlines. IRS group defined current epidemiological situation in Russia, calculated GDP losses, evaluated the potential positive effect of investing into new technologies and built an effective pharmacoeconomic models analysing new technologies for cancer treatment. The project received a large attention, was highlighted by different media resource and was presented during several conference and communicative platforms. Moreover, our work was presented to the Government of Russia, where it was highly appreciated and received a positive feedback.

HTA of screening methods for prostate and mammary gland cancer in Russia

for SKOLKOVO Healthcare Development Centre

It was a big project, aimed to assess new screening methods in Russia and the Russian regions. Our goal was to evaluate the economic efficiency of screening methods implemented as a part of the national healthcare projects. Price sensitivity and tariffing analysis were also included.

Innovative Diagnostics in Neurology

for Moscow State University

The aim of the project was to evaluate the economic impact of implementing new technologies and methods in diagnostics of neurodegenerative diseases. IRS group contributed by building financial models, presenting the most effective way of introducing those new technologies and diagnostic methods. Additionally, our specialists wrote recommendations identifying the most relevant directions of application of those new technologies and diagnostic methods. As a result of our work, the scientific direction of the project was changed, allowing to minimise time and cost of R&D research.

Pharmacoeconomic analysis of an innovative drug for Hodgkin's lymphoma

for SKOLKOVO Healthcare Development Centre

We carried out a pharmacoeconomic cost-effectiveness study of an innovative medication for Hodgkin’s lymphoma as well as existing treatment protocols and schemes. Besides, we assessed new treatment prospects for this life-threatening disease.


  • 2018

  • Economic evaluation of epilepsy in Russia

    Quarterly report 2018 / 02

    The present report is aimed to evaluate the current healthcare situation of epilepsy in Russia and to estimate the economic and social burden of this condition. The report includes policy acts analysis, medical guidelines, social programs, statistical data on VRP and prevalence of epilepsy in Russia and a brief overview of commercially available medical devices for people with epilepsy.