Pharm Pricing

We provide pharmaceutical pricing research to identify optimal prices for your products. For this purpose, we consult payer advisory boards, implement pricing tactics to optimize post-launch follow-up at list and net price levels, and provide insights and recommendations for your pharma pricing strategy. To make it all flexible to use, we perform sensitivity analysis and create model-based pricing calculations that would consider variability. 

GtN Model-Based Calculations

Given the specificity of our work, we offer math-based dynamics of gross-to-net calculations for the whole chain, from gross sales, rebates, chargebacks, vouchers, returns, discounts, wholesale fees to net sales. We also perform sensitivity analysis to assess the range of outcomes and risks, and make forecasts including market growth and share, and ramp-up.

Pricing Strategy

We develop pricing strategies based on channel trends to assess risks and opportunities. We always consider segmentation of channels and their reviews, and define specific commercial policies for each segment. To make sure the budget is aligned with the target, we run proper financial simulations. Appropriate pricing (GtN) strategies require cross-functional work jointly with the client, so we need to be clear about your overall strategy. Senior members of your company should be actively involved in the process and in the end be able to make sometimes bold decisions.