Pharma's cool 2018

Sharing of knowledge is an important social and educational aspect for any company, and for this reason, we decided to take part in various knowledge sharing activities. This time, we were kindly invited by the Skolkovo Open University to make a presentation on pharmacoeconomics at Pharma'sCool 2018, which was a sort of debut for us. This conference was free and meant for students, start-ups and pharmacy experts. 


Health technology assessment, presented by IRS Group, proved to be a topical and timely subject, seeing how the pharmacy market is developing in Russia and how the modern economic methods work for new and innovative treatments. Pharma'sCool 2018 participants also included large pharmaceutical companies (Chiesi, R-Pharm, Pharmstandard, AstraZeneka, Johnson & Johnson, and Servier), consulting and venture agencies (RVK Capital, Skolkovo Ventures, Pharmstandart Ventures), business representatives and policymakers.



Pharma'sCool 2018 responded to all the most challenging issues in development, market launch and commercializing of new drugs, and what is more important, the audience could get first-hand opinions of the real market.


In the future, we are planning to get more involved in experience exchange and share our expertise in health technology assessment for the pharmaceutical industry. We are very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful event!