Announce: Quarterly Report 2018/2

Dear friends, colleagues,


We are happy to present the report on study of current situation with epilepsy prevalence in Russia. This is a continuous study being conducted by IRS Group, and we plan to release its results regularly on a non-commercial basis.


Or study report contains several important suggestions targeted to rationalize health care industry financing and improve life quality of epileptic population.

Our target audience are individuals, private and state companies, including subordinate organizations of various stat ministries of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, etc.)

In a nutshell we conduct this study to satisfy the interests of the whole healthcare industry and its customers. The results of our independent research is important for decision-making at different levels, from patients and primary care specialists to whole departments and upper management. And we purposefully share this information for free.


The report contains calculations of epilepsy diagnosis and treatment costs, Federal Budget expenses and estimates of potential non-produced GDP. It also provides an overview of existing medical products on domestic and international markets, used to monitor patient condition and to prevent epileptic seizures.


Be in good health and take care!