Model-Based Solutions

IRS Group is a bureau that is specialized in math-model-based solutions in health technology evaluation, pharmacoeconomics, pricing, market research, and health law and policies in all sectors of the healthcare industry.

We are a group of like-minded people who are very well trained in health economics, pharm industry, outcomes research, policies, and math, of course. Each member holds a post-graduate degree (M.Sc., Ph.D.) and has a high profile outstanding track records in health and life science. Altogether, we contribute our expertise to create synergistic teamwork.

Apart from our major mission, we also perform socially-oriented duties, such as publishing analytical reports on the most challenging social issues. This, in our view, helps us stay connected with the real world to support those in need and share our best practices. 



  • Code of Conduct, 1st Edition, 01.07.2018

    Present document reflects major ethical principles and core values that we follow thorough our work. Each employee should read it carefully and use it as a central guide and reference to support their day-to-day decision making.

  • Web Confidentiality and Privacy Policy, ver. 1, 30.10.2018

    We always try to make our business open and transparent, especially in the web-space. We guarantee that any information collected at this website will be kept safe and your right to privacy will be respected. In Confidentiality and Privacy Policy, you will find a description of the data likely to be collected via our website.