Health economics
Health Technology Evaluation
We build state-of-the-art, model-based economic evaluations of healthcare care interventions ensuing cost-effective and patient-oriented approach.
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Pharm Economics
Cost-Effective Analysis and Modeling
Our projects include a wide range of pharmacoeconomic studies, such as CMA, CEA, CBA, CUA, and research-based QALY/DALY calculations.
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Pharm Pricing
Pricing and Gross-to-Net Modeling
We offer math-based dynamic Gross-to-Net (GtN) calculations for a whole chain - from gross sales, rebates, chargebacks, vouchers, returns, discounts, wholesale fees to net sales.
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Market research
Model-Based Market Research
We build an accurate market math-model which clearly reflects probabilistic processes, technology’s life-cycle, long- and short-term behavior of the market.
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Health Policies
Health Regulatory and Policy Advisory
We provide regulatory support and policy advocacy for our research, as well as legal advisory in health, pharm and life science.
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Economic evaluation of epilepsy in Russia
Quarterly report 2018 / 02 (PDF)